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Mental Support

What is health? Absence of any illness, whether it is mental or physical. WHO recognizes both physical and mental health as important as social well being. Hence, mental health care is becoming now-a-days a priority of our modern lifestyle. It is always safe and okay to ask for help.Showing up your weakness, is the first step to counter your vulnerability.

Anxiety Management: Not being able to express yourself? Feeling restless for no small reasons? Sweating palms? Anxiety is what you face , of course you’re just a phone call away!

Anger Management: Feeling out of control? Always messing up with heavy situation? Feeling you are being understood? Don’t push down your willingness to express without bound. You are always welcome to express yourself. Depression related issues: Having issues with your thoughts? Passing sleepless nights? Not willing to have even your favourite food? Don’t like to meet friends? Step into the world of possibilities, make yourself stronger and love yourself. Call us whenever you need to share.

Fear/ Phobia related issues: Sometimes fear or phobia does not have any known source to counter upon. Sometimes, deeper inside you need to look into!

Self Esteem: Feeling self worth is essential for you to grow. Prioritise yourself! In case of any problem , feel absolutely free to get help from us.

Relationship Counselling/ Couple counselling/ Marital Counselling: A bond is a responsibility between both of you. Misunderstandings could lead to misery! Faulty communication patterns coulf even land up in separation. We value and understand you are precious, so as your relationship.

Examination/ Performance related fear: Why everytime you are fumble and face challenges during exams? Is your performance anxiety getting into the way of your success? Pushing downwards is no longer needed. Contact at your ease.

Students’s Counselling: Hardship has to be there, but sustainability is the key to survive. Future lies in the hands of students. Let’s not compare! Education is necessary but not at the cost of unstable mental health. We being parents do need to stand beside our students. Do contact for any issue.

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