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New Town Library

The New Town Library is more than just a book collection. It's a cutting-edge facility with a modern ambiance for the digital generations. Everyone can rediscover the joy of reading at New Town Library. RFID technology enables books to be issued via smart kiosks and returned via a drop box within 24 hours or within a week. The digital catalogue facility provides an access to the library's books as well.

The connection with NDL (National Digital Library) and British Council opens new doors to the world of books enhancing knowledge.

With a free reading zone, more than 10000 books, digital e-kindle, startlingly beautiful graphics and a coffee shop, the Smart New Town Library is quite successful in being a community space where people meet around books.

Radio New Town

Radio being the greatest influence on humans, has been providing communication between the writer, speaker and listener. Radio New Town gives you an unforgettable experience by allowing you to educate and entertain yourself with the cultural programs and also listen to your favorite music along with the most updated news of Kolkata.

Radio New Town is the best Radio app for you, if you are fond of cultural activities, news, and music.

On their own YouTube channel-Radio New Town, Radio New Town can view various cultural programs as well. Install the radio app from Google Play Store and enjoy free access to some new cultural programs.

Halo Heritage

Halo Heritage is a place where the past meets the present seamlessly. Modern-day articles and accessories bring back memories from the past. The product line includes a variety of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mythology images, apart from which, Plaster of Paris, fiberglass, or stone dust are used to construct the models.

Halo Heritage is a franchise of Hidco. It is not operated by NT management

Minority Dev. Corporation

The WBMDFC has collaborated with the craftsmen of West Bengal to market their handcrafted items like handicrafts, handloom sarees, and apparel. The beneficiaries will be highlighted, promoting one-of-a-kind handmade goods.


If you’re looking for a place that has the essence of Nawabs along with an amazing taste and ambience, then certainly you are at the right place to dine in.

At Nababiana, you can experience a perfect blend of delicious food and a Nawabi décor that represents grandeur and elegance.

The special Kebab plate of Nababiana will soothe your taste buds by serving you the authentic taste of Mughal meals, enticing you to visit again!

Nababiana is a restaurant that is professionally run by a franchisee (Hidco does not operate it)